Nothing missing, nothing superfluous


We create contract furniture for unique spaces


Precision construction system


Stimulating to the touch


We love the meeting


100% customizable


Invitation to gather

Contemporary Design

Formal simplicity of lines and resources together with technical and aesthetic innovation make upthe product philosophy of the BK Contract project. Collections for public or private spaces and meeting areas. Solutions for creative atmospheres and an appreciation of today’s design as the ally of a new personal and corporate image. Timeless design, yet lasting, devoid of superfluous adornment.

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Soft Meeting


We strive to create a WHOLE which is harmonious, homogenous and exudes the same perfume.
Simplicity of construction, with no pretentious adornment, quality before quantity; these are the fundamentals where BK Contract places its accent, aspects it sharesin the product andin human relations.


From the marvellous and perennial collaboration with Gabriel Teixidó to the engagement with a future beside Cate&Nelson, creation at BK Contract is impossible to conceive without the tutelage of distinguished professionals.
Anticipating, recreating, seeking functionality and beauty in line with criteria of desired simplicity are pillars shared by the company and its designers.