About us

Timeless design

“There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth”.
Leo Tolstoy.

Contemporary Design, formal simplicity of lines, resources and technical and aesthetic innovation form the product philosophy of the BK Contract Project.

Collections for public, private spaces and meeting áreas. Solutions for creative environments with strong emphasis on the design of today as the ally of a new personal and corporate image.

Timeless, lasting design, free from superfluous adornments.

Customised design

People, projects and the needs of every customer radiate a plethora of characteristics. To achieve our customer’s full satisfaction, we must adapt to every special requirement.

BK embraces its customers’ desires, needs and dreams. Turning its back on the inflexibility of centimetres, colours and materials.

Sharing and helping to make their ideal project come true is our alter ego.

We’re the perfect size to hear what you have to say.

Sustainability and origin

At BK every link in the production process is responsibly addressed.
From the moment we conceive an article until its delivery to the customer, we work continuously to minimise its potentially harmful effects on third parties and on our environment.

We understand that a sustainable item of furniture could be measured in its durability. That’s why we create furniture to last a lifetime.

Some of the points we concentrate on are:


  • Design: Calculation of components, materials and processes.
  • Raw material: The wood used by BK Contract carries the FSC (Forest For All Forever) – FSC Controlled wood-FSC 100% and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest) certificates.
  • Production and suppliers: Our suppliers and manufacturers are 100% European (Spain-Germany-Portugal-France and Italy).
  • Factory: Our new production plant (2016-2017) is equipped with the most advanced technology on the market. This includes waste management fully adhering to legislation on the matter, as well as converting waste into energy for heating the plant.
  • Packaging: We make a detailed study of each order and its packaging according to its destination/route in order to keep packaging to a minimum.
  • Transport: We do our utmost to combine and coordinate deliveries grouped into geographical zones to ensure the efficiency of our transport. We have achieved a 60% reduction in the materials we ship by air in the last two years.

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