A2 is a furniture collection for the most representative areas.
Designed by Gabriel Teixidó, it draws its roots from the A1 collection, having evolved from this project, using its structural solutions and philosophy.

Design: Gabriel Teixidó

A2 System

The A2 collection by BK Contract is joining other next-generation products to provide solutions for architectural settings and spaces where a “new image of corporate prestige” is sought.

Meet the designer: Gabriel Teixidó

Gabriel Teixidó was born in 1947 in Barcelona. Trained at the Barcelona Arts and Crafts School. Backed by a career of almost 50 years, he is a reference in national and international design.

A technician with unparalleled industrial command, with a language drawing on functionality and simplicity, his designs have always coincided with the BK philosophy. Winner of myriad awards and countless acknowledgements, he has collaborated with prestigious firms in the sector.