The new interior architecture projects lend renewed importance to reception and attention areas.
Places around which ideas are exchanged and people relate to one another in the working world.
Using colour, textures and typology to set them apart, these modern reception areas help to organise new corporate offices.

Design: Gabriel Teixidó


Thanks to its components, BK Contract’s R collection highlights the quality and function of the project.

Meet the designer: Gabriel Teixidó

Gabriel Teixidó was born in 1947 in Barcelona. Trained at the Barcelona Arts and Crafts School. Backed by a career of almost 50 years, he is a reference in national and international design.

A technician with unparalleled industrial command, with a language drawing on functionality and simplicity, his designs have always coincided with the BK philosophy. Winner of myriad awards and countless acknowledgements, he has collaborated with prestigious firms in the sector.