Soft Meeting

For us SOFT MEETING is a collection that is all about growing together and understanding how the relation of work and life has evolved together into a more dynamic everyday.

The idea behind this collection is to create an evolving platform for sharing experiences and finding common grounds.

Design: Cate&Nelson

Soft Meeting

We wish to give value to the meeting, the coming together of people.
To do away with the impersonal rushed pace that is so commonplace today.

Meet the designer: Cate&Nelson

Multidisciplinary design studio founded in Sweden in 2006 by Cate Högdahl and Nelson Ruiz-Acal.
Their inspiration is drawn from an ongoing design dialogue, and through the observation of daily situations and needs.

Precise in the knowledge of space and new materials, their designs are distinguished by honesty, functionality and sustainability focussed on a world without borders.
Undoubtedly setting out on a long collaboration with BK, they bring their first proposal: SOFTMEETING.

Kate Nelson design